Nodes Of Ranvier Nodes Of Ranvier

I’m not sure why all five members of Nodes of Ranvier are standing with their arms crossed in the band photo, but that’s irrelevant considering how cool this, their second album, is. Not really blowing minds by breaking ground, the band nevertheless keeps us happy while traversing between several well-treaded paths, often within the same song. But it’s the ability to bring together screaming hardcore with nice melodies and quasi-metal with pseudo-indie rock that make this band stick out. Most bands fall on their face when attempting these huge stylistic leaps, but Nodes of Ranvier walk through it all with grace. The usual negative applies: those screamed vocals are just boring, but the well-done clean vocals negate that annoyance. Most metalcore bands could learn a thing or two from these guys. But is this even metalcore? The lines are too blurred at this point to tell, and in this case, that’s a good thing. (Facedown)