Noctiferia DeathCulture

In preparation for the release of DeathCulture, Noctiferia posted a track-by-track description of each song on their MySpace site. Was it needed? Yes and no. The Slovenian band spent an inordinate amount of time on their seventh album, which is almost impossible to narrow down to one particular metal genre or sub-genre. These guys throw everything into the mix, from industrial-style programming, some thrash and old-school punk to some nu-metal-type grooves. While there is a liberal use of synths and drum programming, especially on "Deluders & Followers" and "Demonarchy," the foundation of the band still shines, as "Rust" shows off impressive guitar work that isn't overshadowed by the backing synths. It would be easy to label DeathCulture as European Fear Factory, but it is obvious that a lot of thought went into the execution of the album. The curious should check out their MySpace site to read how these guys pulled it off. (Listenable)