No Use For A Name / Useless I.D. / Irish Carbomb / Moneyshot Sugar, Victoria BC - September 13, 2003

Local Victoria punkers Moneyshot started off the night with a solid set of their melodic, upbeat punk. It didn't go unappreciated by the crowd, all of whom seemed to be enjoying this up and coming band. Irish Carbomb's set was a fairly enjoyable mix of melodic punk and more aggressive moments, but the highlight was their hilarious comebacks to one drunken male heckler ("I don't come to your day job and knock the dick out of your mouth, so fuck off!"). Although None More Black were supposed to be on this tour, they had to pull out, so Israel's Useless I.D. came to the rescue, offering up a nice set of jocular NOFX-lite punk. Their sugar-sweet melodies and all-around cuteness was an enjoyable addition. Finally, No Use For A Name covered all the bases, drawing a lot of songs from their latest album, Hard Rock Bottom. All those years of playing the same song have definitely paid off, as they were solid and tight as can be, even while avoiding the beer that drunken jocks were throwing at them. And they do have a bit more variety in their tunes than most give them credit for, which gave the show a few moments of breathing time when they played their more sombre, quiet songs. A great show, but it's hard to not walk away feeling like the same band just played four sets.