No Thank You Jump Ship

No Thank You Jump Ship
Jump Ship is a project that shows a good deal of potential from Philly band No Thank You. The album is short — just around 20 minutes — which allows it to retain emotional intensity throughout. The album feels deeply connected to the strong feelings of young adulthood.
Lead singer Kaytee Della Monica's voice has a good blend of dreaminess and raspy soul here, and the music follows suit, deftly moving between dreamy moments full of chiming sounds on synth-y opener "Eyeballs" into slower and more harsh, guitar-driven songs like "Cold."
Jump Ship travels between places that recall older Modest Mouse and the twinklier guitar of modern emo bands like Dads. Monica's lyrics are insightful without seeming preachy, as demonstrated on single and album high-point "Juicy J," where she sings, "I feel so astounding" and "I'm so glad we met, thanks for playing pretend."
"Teeter" is a great, dark moment with confessional tones, while album closer "The Unbearable Purposelessness of Being" makes the lyric "I'm 20-something I'm doing just fine" into a stabilizing anthem. Jump Ship feels attuned to the zeitgeist, and provides hope and inspiration for those living through it. (Lame-O Records)