No More Shapes Creesus Crisis

The tunes on this ten-track disc are evidence of an abiding love for swinging grooves, albeit realized with an off-kilter, playful sensibility. No More Shapes hail from Calgary, AB, an unlikely hotbed for avant improv. But with Calgarian label Bug Incision sending its "children" out into the unsuspecting world, à la Invasion of the Body Snatchers, a project like Creesus Crisis seems a logical outcome. "Invisible Glasses" comes across like a wistful couple at a Canadian Legion dance, lovingly rendered by deeply musical trombonist J.C. Jones. "Fat Kid" features sly, swinging solos from guitarist Jay Crocker and Jones, who play off each other beautifully. A CD highlight is the tricky, energetic "Snake Legs," with a tortuous melody that gives way to raucous blowing and thrashing drumming from Eric Hamelin. The latter is unfortunately underserved by the recorded sound quality of his cymbal work, a minor quibble with an otherwise strong document. Creesus Crisis shows creatively orchestrated compositions and mature, cogent improvisation skills from three fine emerging musicians. (Drip Audio)