No Devotion's Geoff Rickly Drugged and Robbed in Hamburg

No Devotion's Geoff Rickly Drugged and Robbed in Hamburg
No Devotion frontman Geoff Rickly's September has gone from bad to worse, with news that the post-hardcore singer landed in a Hamburg hospital over the weekend after reportedly being "poisoned and robbed" ahead of a gig.

The good news is that the vocalist is recovering, as he made a quick announcement about the incident through the No Devotion Instagram account today (September 27). Though the details are scarce, the band were to play the German city's Rock Cafe St. Pauli on Friday (September 25), but an encounter ahead of the show left Rickly "poisoned and robbed" and rushed to a nearby hospital.

It's as yet unclear how Rickly became drugged, or what was stolen, The good news is that the band are still set to play their next tour stop in Paris.

This is not, sadly, the first time Rickly has been robbed. As pointed out by Alternative Press, a New York City mugging in 2013 found the musician held at gunpoint and robbed of his ID, cash, and other personal effects.

Last week, Rickly announced that he had cut off all contact with his Collect Records benefactor Martin Shkreli, the New York City businessman who was made instantly infamous when it was revealed he had sky-rocketed the price of his recently acquired Daraprim tablet, used to treat cancer and AIDS patients, from $13 US to $750 per tablet.

No Devotion released their debut LP, Permanence, last Friday.