No Breakup 'Pity Party' (EP stream)

No Breakup'Pity Party' (EP stream)
Last July, Toronto electronic trio No Breakup emerged and said that their Pity Party EP was due that summer. A year later — which is actually a very short time relative to the age of Earth — it has finally arrived.

The four-song set starts with the previously unveiled "Awestruck," a restrained synth-pop number that sports slinky synths, lyrical rebuffs and a simple, creeping thump. The song swells to an energetic climax, and this gives way to the thumping hangover anthem "T-Talk" and the briskly pulsing title cut. The EP wraps with the dreamy, mellowed-out kiss-off "Cannibalized."

No Breakup are releasing the EP by opening for Silkken Laumann on Saturday (July 5) at Toronto's Jam Factory Co.