No Age Reveal Fancy Pre-order Extras for Everything in Between, Design Their Very Own Sunglasses

No Age Reveal Fancy Pre-order Extras for <i>Everything in Between</i>, Design Their Very Own Sunglasses
With album sales at their very worst ever, the people who actually do care about physical media are benefitting with unique packaging and other rewards when they pay for music. The latest label to step up to the plate is Sub Pop, who have just revealed the impressive packaging that will accompany No Age's upcoming album Everything in Between.

As a blog post from the label points out, the vinyl version of the new album will include a 12"-by-12" 28-page book attached to the record's sleeve, while the CD will come in "mini-gatefold" packaging with two 10"-by-10" posters. All of the packaging was designed by No Age's frequent collaborator Brian Roettinger.

 Better yet, the first 500 customers to pre-order Everything in Between will receive a "unique notepad" featuring Roettinger's art from the album. The package will also include stickers and an advanced online stream of the album. How's that for a back-to-school special?

Clearly understanding that music alone might not pay the bills, No Age are keeping busy across the board. The duo recently teamed up with the Phosphorescence line on a sleek pair of sunglasses. While ordering information and pricing are not available yet, the Ray-Ban-esque eye wear can be viewed here alongside glasses designed by Kim Gordon and various fashion designers.