NME To Discontinue Its Print Version?

<i>NME</i> To Discontinue Its Print Version?
According to the so-accurate-we-should-believe-them gossip newsletter Popbitch, the print version of long-running music paper NME is on its way up to the recycling bin up in the sky. A blurb in today's edition of Popbitch's weekly email reports that the 55-year-old music source is looking to end its life in paper form and become a web-only entity. The story reads:

"Rumours abound that the print version of the NME is to be closed, leaving the 55-year-old music paper as a web-only operation. Time for NME.com to launch some more eye-catching stunts like their campaign to "right a historic wrong" by getting the Sex Pistols' re-released 'God Save the Queen' to number one. It entered the charts at... number 42."

Since at this point they're only "rumours" making the rounds it's still just barely newsworthy, but the magazine's campaign to get the Sex Pistols to number one was crucial to the mag - it was all they were reporting on for a good two weeks. It doesn't help their case that the paper unsuccessfully launched an Irish marketed edition last year. NME Ireland lasted only four months and ceased publication in January 2007.