Nite Jewel Preps Debut Album, Announce Some Shows

Nite Jewel Preps Debut Album, Announce Some Shows
As we continue to wait on that promised new Glass Candy LP, the duo's latest partners in arms Nite Jewel have beat them to the punch, announcing that they've finally worked out all the details of their upcoming debut full-length.

After a bit of delay, the like-minded two-woman band will give their Good Evening album a proper CD release this spring. And despite Nite Jewel not exactly being a household name, this is good news indeed if you're one of those fortunate enough to hear the space-out synth jams of Nite Jewel's recent 12-inch "What Did He Say," or if you're a fan of Italians Do It Better in general.

Once described as Debbie Deb if she "got a Xanax script and drank a ton of cough syrup," California native Ramona Gonzalez will also play several live dates in support of the new record, with her resident mixed media artist Emily Jane along for the ride. In addition to Grouper joining the duo for a one-off date, Glass Candy are lined up to play alongside Nite Jewel for much of the tour. And while none of those tour stops find the bands braving the border to play in Canada, Good Evening will be out here on March 17 Human Ear Music.

Here are the tracks included on the album (which is already currently available on vinyl over here), as well as those tour dates.

Good Evening: 1. "Bottom Rung"
2. "Suburbia"
3. "What Did He Say"
4. "Weak For Me"
5. "Heart Won't Start"
6. "Universal Mind"
7. "Artificial Intelligence"
8. "Let's Go (The Two of Us Together)"
9. "Chimera"
10. "Lover "

Nite Jewel tour dates:

2/28 Los Angeles, CA Occidental College
3/5 Montreal, QC Zoo Bizarre *
3/7 New York, NY Le Poisson Rouge *
3/9 New York, NY Other Music
3/19 - 03/21 Austin, TX SXSW
4/26 Los Angeles, CA The Smell ^

* with Glass Candy
^ with Grouper

Nite Jewel "Artificial Intelligence"