Nirvana's Live at Reading Finally Gets Official Release

Nirvana's <i>Live at Reading</i> Finally Gets Official Release
As we reported back in April, there has been a lot of talk about Nirvana's legendary 1992 Reading Festival performance finally getting an official release. Well, today we finally received a firm due date, tracklisting, cover art and all that other good stuff.

Simply entitled Nirvana Live at Reading, the release will come out on November 3 on CD, DVD and as a double CD/DVD set. Universal is handling it and they'll also be releasing a double-vinyl version on November 17.

Universal's version has been "officially sanctioned" by the band's remaining members, and likely also by a certain infamous widow, and will have its video and audio quality restored and remastered.

The tracks on the DVD, which features a cover of "D-7" by the now-super-hip-to-love Wipers, include:

1. "Breed"
2. "Drain You"
3. "Aneurysm"
4. "School"
5. "Sliver"
6. "In Bloom"
7. "Come as You Are"
8. "Lithium"
9. "About a Girl"
10. "tourette's"
11. "Polly"
12. "Lounge Act"
13. "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
14. "On a Plain"
15. "Negative Creep"
16. "Been a Son"
17. "All Apologies"
18. "Blew"
19. "Dumb"
20. "Stay Away"
21. "Spank Thru"
22. "Love Buzz" *
23. "The Money Will Roll Right In" (Fang cover)
24> "D-7" (Wipers cover)
25. "Territorial Pissings"