Nine Inch Nails, My Morning Jacket and More Join the Arizona Boycott

Nine Inch Nails, My Morning Jacket and More Join the Arizona Boycott
It's now been over two months since Fucked Up's Damian Abraham slammed Stars for boycotting Arizona, but the controversy over the state's immigration laws continues to grow. We've already reported on the Sound Strike, the Zach De La Rocha-led boycott supported by artists such as Kanye West, Sonic Youth and filmmaker Michael Moore. Now, the organization has roped in more big-name allies, including Nine Inch Nails and My Morning Jacket.

The Sound Strike has updated its list of supporters, which now features Billy Bragg, Gogol Bordello, Ben Harper, Steve Earle and comedian Chris Rock. The full list of backers is now in the hundreds, with artists from all over the world getting behind the cause. What's more, various cities and counties have spoken out in favour of the boycott, including Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco; read the list of cities over at

If you still need convincing, there's a new video from Zach De La Rocha, who explains the need for the Sound Strike. He says, "It's part of an entire state's campaign to humiliate and to criminalize an entire population." You can see the clip embedded below.

Charlie Levy, an Arizona promoter, wrote an op-ed for The Arizona Republic (via The Daily Swarm) arguing that artists should speak out against the law, not boycott the state. Of course, the fact that the boycott is generating this debate means that it's already succeeding.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the heads up.

Zack De La Rocha for The Sound Strike from Producciones Cimarrón on Vimeo.