Nine Inch Nails' Alessandro Cortini Preps Solo Set 'Sonno'

Nine Inch Nails' Alessandro Cortini Preps Solo Set 'Sonno'
While Nine Inch Nails multi-instrumentalist Alessandro Cortini is gearing up for a big summer tour, the artist also has a solo album coming down the pipeline this month. Titled Sonno, Cortini's third full-length effort arrives June 23 through Hospital Productions.

The album comes in the wake of 2013's Forse 1 and Forse 2 albums, and according to a press release, it was recorded in hotel rooms using a Roland MC 202 keyboard and a delay pedal, among other things.

"I liked to walk around the room with a handheld recorder to hear where the sequence would sound better, turn on faucets, open doors or windows to see how the ambient sounds would interact with the MC 202/delay/speaker sound," Cortini explained in a statement. "It was very relaxing and liberating to make music this way."

Though samples from the set have yet to arrive, you can check out the tracklisting for Sonno, which will be released on CD and double LP, down below.

As for Nine Inch Nails, the group's trek with Soundgarden and Death Grips starts in July, and will have them playing in Toronto and at the Pemberton Festival in BC before the end of the summer. You'll find more date details here.


1. Rovine

2. Voltaggio Solitario

3. Dell'influenza

4. Passatempo

5. Di Passaggio

6. Variabile

7. E Del Controllo

8. Fantasma Modulazione

9. Rinascimento