Nikakoi Sestrichka

Sestrichka has several strong elements; the frenetic zany energy of Aphex Twin, the intricate IDM structure of Phonem and the dirty breaks with lazy vocals reminiscent of Massive Attack. Nikakoi is from the republic of Georgia, not exactly a well-publicised locale for electronic music. Somehow, perhaps due to the internet, this Georgian is savvy to the latest trends in electronic music — emulating various styles while forming his own mark. All the pure electronic, non-vocal tracks share cute, almost cartoon-like personalities; invested with a charming sweetness. The phrase "happy IDM” comes to mind. It is only when vocals on this recording, in broken English and Slavic, do occur that Sestrichka exhibits more varied emotions. The remixed ethnic folk song at the end of the CD, "Orudila” is also a nice touch. (WMFREC)