Nights Like These The Faithless

Seeing as the elusive Premonitions of War appear to be in a permanent state of flux, Victory has appropriately filled the hopefully temporary void with Memphis-based Nights Like These. The Premonitions comparisons strike loud and clear from the get-go, as the vocals are a near dead ringer and Southern-influenced passages appear semi-frequently. However, there are a number of things that set them apart, and not always in a positive sense. As opposed to the furious, quick-paced grind structures and delivery of POW, the youngsters opt for an approach more steeped in modern metalcore — there are a handful of more melody-infused leads and harmonies, and a good whack of fairly generic breakdowns. As a first release, The Faithless shows quite a bit of potential, and is an interesting countersigning to the usual indie/screamo trash Victory generally bombards the scene with. With the mosh toned down and a tighter songwriting foundation, Nights Like These could develop into something special. (Victory)