A Nightmare on Elm Street, Gunless and Furry Vengeance Take Exclaim! to the Theatre in This Week's Film Round-Up

<i>A Nightmare on Elm Street</i>, <i>Gunless</i> and <i>Furry Vengeance</i> Take Exclaim! to the Theatre in This Week's Film Round-Up
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Freddy's coming for you this weekend in the latest horror remake of 1984's A Nightmare on Elm Street, directed by Samuel Bayer. Jackie Earle Haley replaces the original infamous knife-fingered child murderer played by Robert Englund, and this Freddy Krueger is geared up to supernaturally terrorize the dreams of a whole new generation of teenagers.

Tyler Mane trades his Michael Myers mask for horseshoes in the western comedy Gunless, directed by William Phillips. The film follows an American gunman (Paul Gross) who stumbles upon some friendly Canadian townspeople, who have no understanding of the brutal ways of the American Wild West.

Roger Kumble's Furry Vengeance, starring Brendan Fraser and Brooke Shields also hits theatres this weekend. In it, real estate developer Dan Sanders (Fraser) is set to take over a forest with development plans, yet fails to foresee the animals that inhabit the wooded area, who seemingly have alternate plans in mind.

Finally, Passenger Side, directed by Matthew Bissonnette, stars Adam Scott and Joel Bissonnette as two brothers travelling the Los Angeles district. If anything, our reviewer believes the film to be "a delivery system for a stupendously, distractingly well-curated indie rock soundtrack."

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