Nightlives "Give Nothing"

Nightlives 'Give Nothing'
Well, here's one hell of a dark album title for you: A Wink in the Face of Death. That's the name of the upcoming disc from Toronto-based gloom mongers Nightlives, who have shared a preview of that collection in the form of the track "Give Nothing."

The nocturnal track blends watery guitar lines and dead-eyed vocal harmonies with a slow and steady percussive pulse and an eerie wash of background electronics. It's very appropriate for an act who describe themselves on Facebook as "trip hop, shoegaze, ambient, electronic, hazegaze, melancholic."

A Wink in the Face of Death, which was recorded by band members Jordan Sears and Brent Jackson in the former's apartment, is out digitally on November 6 via Bravo Charlie/Fontana North. You can check out more material from the album here.