Nightfist The Epic

Like an owl that swoops down after its prey in the night, Nightfist’s music hits the listener without any mercy. Grasping an overtly monstrous sound, the quintet, who are reportedly just out of high school, embrace a darkness that would have had them convicted for black magic back in the medieval era. Forging a sound that highlights all of the best from their favourites: Yes, Queen, Dream Theater and Metallica, Nightfist are like a rock opera gone right. The Epic is a blatant EP filled with the kind of riffage that haunts little children and gives neck aches to serious music lovers. Following an order that tells a story (albeit without lyrics), it’s a record that is dying to be acted out with swords, dragons and a maiden waiting to be rescued. Though some might find it to be a little close to Fucking Champs territory, Nightfist offer up their own style of "instrumental,” giving grand illusions aplenty. (Temporary Residence)