Nightbox Nightbox

Ah, to be young and to want to dance all the time. That's what listening to Nightbox feels like, surely no matter how old and/or tired you are. With adrenaline off the charts, in just four songs they'll quicken your pace during any activity. The five-piece (featuring two brothers and three friends from Wicklow, Ireland) now call Toronto home. The gain is all T.O.'s though, as they bring their angular guitars, club beats and accents. The four-song-long EP (produced by Death From Above 1979's Sebastien Grainger and MSTRKFT's Al-P) delivers high energy. While "Pyramid" almost catapults itself too high, the rest find the right tempo. "Fumes" is darker, with more riffs, "Relocate You" sings of an alien/human romance and "Bears," an incredibly infectious dance ditty, leaves us wanting more of Nightbox's grooves. (Independent)