The Night Marchers Announce 'Allez Allez'

The Night Marchers Announce 'Allez Allez'
Though John Reis has kept relatively mum about what sort of plans his band Rocket From the Crypt have in store for us next year, another of the veteran San Diego punk's outfits, the Night Marchers, have just properly announced their sophomore set Allez Allez. It arrives via Reis's Swami label January 22.

A press release for the 12-song set insists that the juiced-up unit's latest, which follows 2008's See You In Magic, displays a "barbarous neglect of current trends" in favour of "frantic protest rock'n'roll." More specifically, it notes that considering the band's lineage, featuring three members of Hot Snakes and CPC Gangbangs' Thomas Kitsos, "they sound remotely like the combination of the aforementioned acts."

It should be noted that if you managed to miss out on Night Marchers' "Thar She Blows" / "All Hits" 7-inch single last year, both tunes have made it into the upcoming song cycle. If that double-dip rubs you the wrong way, maybe ignore the fact that the last song on Allez Allez is called "Fisting the Fan Base."

Sound samples have yet to arrive, but you can peep the heart- and eyeball-splayed artwork above and the tracklisting down below.

Allez Allez:

1. Tropical Depression
2. Loud Dumb and Mean
3. All Hits
4. Thar She Blows
5. Pain
6. 2 Guitars Sing
7. (Wasting Away In) Javalinaville
8. Big in Germany
9. I Wear The Horns
10. Ned Lud
11. Roll On
12. Fisting the Fan Base