Nigel Godrich Reportedly Producing Music for Scott Pilgrim VS. The World Film

Nigel Godrich Reportedly Producing Music for <i>Scott Pilgrim VS. The World</i> Film
The film Scott Pilgrim VS. The World (adapted from the graphic novels) may feature the titular hero's fledging indie rock band but it's reportedly roped in quite the superstar producer. Apparently, Radiohead's right-hand production man Nigel Godrich has stepped in to produce music for the fictional Pilgrim band Sex Bob-Omb, which will be made up of the cast members of director Edgar Wright's upcoming flick.

While speaking to Vulture [via The Playlist], Pilgrim actor Mark Webber this week confirmed Godrich is involved in the film, saying the producer has already begun to record songs for the forthcoming soundtrack. "One bit of new info I can put out there, I hope I can put out there, is I'm going in today to record with Nigel Godrich, which is major," said Webber, who plays Sex Bob-Omb vocalist/guitarist Stephen Stills. "It's an indication that, on every level of this film, it's pretty much the best of the best of the best working with it."

At this point, Webber said he was unsure if he would serve as Sex Bob-Omb's vocalist like his character does in the comic, adding, "I'm being given the opportunity to see if I can cut it, and if not we'll work something else out." According to Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley, however, the filmmakers will be "getting actors to sing their parts if at all possible," The Playlist reports.

And while it seems Godrich will be behind the boards of Sex Bob-Omb's sounds, it's still unclear who is writing the music for the film, which also stars Michael Cera, with rumours flying that Sloan's Chris Murphy could be getting a songwriting credit on the film.