Nicolas Bernier & Simon Trottier Objet Abandonné En Mer

The one regional "sound” that’s immediately recognisable in Canada is the one coming out of Québec. Not so much in its Anglo pop vocal context but most definitely in the instrumental side of the music. This CD is definitely in the glitch pop vein and very much lives in the universe populated by the likes of Akron/Family and Pink Floyd. However, Trottier and Bernier retain the memory of Harmonium and the whole folk/prog movement that entranced Québec in the ’70s and ’80s. Record pops and glitch-y samples provide a filmic ambience to acoustic guitar chants, and the music sometimes drifts into the electro acoustic space, which is also a salient feature to the identity of our Francophone friends. This is a recoding that engages in an almost offhand way but retains a curiously insistent identity all the same. (12rec)