Nicki Minaj "Moment 4 Life" (ft. Drake) (vid)

Nicki Minaj 'Moment 4 Life' (ft. Drake) (vid)
Nicki Minaj is still riding high off last year's Pink Friday and she has a new music vid to prove it. And not just any video, as the rapper's latest features love him or hate him Canuck hip-hoper Drake.

The video is for "Moment 4 Life" and you can view it below or over here. The plot follows a Cinderella-ish story, with Nicki looking very Marie Antoinette on more than a few occasions. And, of course, Drake does his whole dreamy dude thing, which he's a total expert at by this point.

The video premiered on MTV, but thanks to the network's completely frustrating tactic of geo-blocking and not uploading to MTV Canada, you'll have to settle for this lesser-quality YouTube version below. Well, unless you want to mess with those proxy settings.