Nickelback Singer Convicted of Drunk Driving

Nickelback Singer Convicted of Drunk Driving
The singer for B.C.-based cock-rockers Nickelback has been convicted of drunk driving. On Tuesday, Chad Kroeger, aka the Kroegster, was found to have twice the legal limit of booze in his bloodstream when he was pulled over in June 2006. At the time, he was racing down a street in Surrey, BC, at an estimated speed of 160 km/h in his pimped-out rock car, a $175,000 Lamborghini.

Despite his conviction, the singer was absent from the courtroom Tuesday; however, dude has also skipped out on all his scheduled court appearances during the trial, which was heard in Surrey in November 2007 and January 2008.

When Kroeger’s lawyer Marvin Stern was asked where his MIA client was, he said Europe, doing some rock star-related activity. "I’m not exactly sure [what]” he told Canwest News Service.

And while Mr. Silver Side Up decided to kick it in the EU instead of facing up to his crime, Provincial Court Judge Peder Gulbransen said he would like him to turn up for sentencing, which is scheduled for May 1.

And what’s that sentence likely going to be? Well, Crown prosecutor Michelle Wray reportedly said she would ask for $600 fine and a one-year driving prohibition. Perhaps this is why Kroeger is showing such little respect for the Canadian legal system—he likely makes that kind of money in the time it takes him to grease his locks. And hey, the "help” can always drive.