Nick Lowe Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe

On the surface, another compilation of Nick Lowe's best material might seem a little redundant, as his better known songs have been amply served by an earlier record. But since it was released, Lowe has enjoyed a recent renaissance thanks to a couple of solid albums during the past decade, so the time is right for this new collection. Quiet Please... The New Best of Nick Lowe is an exhaustive 49-track double disc set that covers the early days (including "So It Goes," which was the first release by the legendary Stuff Records), which are still near-perfect, but it doesn't skimp on the later albums either. To be honest, there's nothing here that comes across as a revelation or a shock and on the second disc, which focuses on the late '80s onwards, things begin to get a little pedestrian. The songs were handpicked by Lowe but he didn't empty the vaults of unreleased material. It does definitely makes a strong case for Lowe as a performer, who still knows how to pen a good song after more than 30 years in the business. (Yep Roc)