Nick Ferrio

Amongst the Coyotes and the Birdsongs

Nick FerrioAmongst the Coyotes and the Birdsongs
Nick Ferrio's sophomore album, Amongst the Coyotes and Birdsongs, is a gentle frolic into even-paced and country-laced folk songs. Diving into a full listen of the album is like shambling through a forested dirt road with a friend, full of tales of both darkness and new dawns. Nearly every track references the age-old trials and tribulations of falling in love.
Recorded in Sackville, NB and Toronto, ON, hints of an East Coast influence are identifiable in Ferrio's lyrical style, which is often reminiscent of Joel Plaskett. Standout tracks include "Come Hell or High Water," which makes an arrangement of guitar, bass and vocals feel full and rich with country bravado. Steel guitar complements several of the songs, working particularly well with the haunting tone of "Hide My Love," while guest vocals from Evening Hymns, Julie Doiron and Tamara Lindeman add harmonic warmth throughout the effort. Closing track "Back in Town" leaves the listener with a haunting, bare-bones homage to having to leave everything behind. Nick Ferrio proves simplicity can be enchanting. (Headless Owl Records / Shuffling Feet Records)
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