Nick Cave Working On New Film, Second Novel

Nick Cave Working On New Film, Second Novel
The world’s first "Counter Culture Icon,” Nick Cave, has revealed plans plan to get a new film underway, as well as a second novel. While speaking with Xfm, Cave said he has finally wrapped up his second screenplay, which he wrote for John Hillcoat who previously directed Cave’s 2006 film, The Proposition.

"I have written another one… but I don't know when that'll get done,” Cave said. "I keep getting asked to do these things but for one reason or another I’ve been kind of not doing them... but there are certainly things in the pipeline.”

Cave did not mention if he plans to once again score his new film, as he did with Dirty Three member and Bad Seed, Warren Ellis, on The Proposition.

When asked if he plans to write a new novel — the last of which by Cave was the 20-year-old And the Ass the Angel — the Grinderman replied, "I do, actually, yeah,” adding, "I don't want to kind of spook that away but I've definitely been thinking in those terms lately. I just know the way things happen — you get a little idea about something and it then starts to grow and that seems to be happening.”

Cave’s comments come fast on the heels of his recently released 14th, and overly punctuated, album Dig!!! Lazarus, Dig!!!.

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds "Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!”