Nicholas Matar/Various Sun Dance

Matar’s Sun Dance mix is 16 tracks of uplifting soul-, jazz-, and disco-influenced house music. The bass lines are suitably analog and funky, and the flute and piano solos, as well as a good helping of vocal tracks keep things varied and moving along. Some of the best tracks are the flute-driven "Spiritual Blow” by Funkestra, the subtle deep house and jazz of Andy Caldwell and Fred Everything’s "Live Your Life,” Praful’s energetic Latin-styled "Inspiraçao,” and Matar’s own remix of Bah Samba’s "And It’s Beautiful.” Generally, his mixing is very good. He has a great sense of song selection and flow. Importantly, he’s also got the technique to pull it off. If you’re throwing a summer party, this disc would be a great soundtrack. (Journeys By DJ)