Nicholas Krgovich "The Place Goes Quiet"

Nicholas Krgovich "The Place Goes Quiet"
Following 2014's On Sunset and On Cahuenga, prolific songwriter Nicholas Krgovich is set to return with a new LP called The Hills. Now, Krgovich has shared the newest single from the release.

The song is called "The Place Goes Quiet," though it's anything but as the sprightly pop tune is densely layered with busy synths, back-up vocals and plenty of bells and whistles. The arrangement alone is something to marvel at, though the whole song is expertly made.

On the song's SoundCloud page, Krgovich offered some context about the creation of the new single:

This song was written May 13th, 2010. I was up at my aunt and uncle's lake house for a week writing songs. I remember it was sunny out and the grass in the yard looked long so I stopped whatever I was working on and cut it. This song happened out of the satisfaction of the lines in the freshly cut grass, looking out over the low picket fence around the yard and out onto the lake. I felt like making something breezy and lite. I started imagining a shopping excursion on Rodeo Drive in the mid to late 80s. Like the photographs of shoppers by street photographer Anthony Hernandez. I didn't mean for this to be like a D grade "Steppin' Out" but that's what I ended up with. Now I mainly just enjoy hearing Karl and Marissa and Terry sing all the weaving counter-melodies. There's always something.

Listen to "The Place Goes Quiet" below. The Hills arrives on March 4 via Tin Angel Records