Nice Cat 3 Girls 3 Nights 3 Bottles

It took a while but as the adage goes: "good things come to those who wait.” And with years waiting for the indelibly forthcoming full-length, Toronto-bred ladies Nice Cat (and their Spinal Tap-esque string of drummers) brought anticipation to almost ludicrous levels. However, as 3 Girls 3 Nights 3 Bottles, proves in its riff-rock mastery, bringing in the likes of Mick Schauer and Larry Packer (Clutch) and Josh Freese (Vandals, A Perfect Circle) for various duties has only solidified their estrogen-beats-testosterone fury. Shifting from slow boogie to "Who Was in My Room Last Night”-era Butthole Surfers, the band are on a particular musical map but refuse to travel the obvious roads. Thick sludgy guitar grooves are offset by drum beats that Frankenstein together the steady hammering of John Bonham with the jazzy flair of Buddy Rich. Forcing the two to play nice yet still resting under whispering, sultry vocals, undulating distorted bass reminiscent of Ciff Burton’s trademark "(Anesthesia) — Pulling Teeth” ripples away in bowel-shaking thunder. It’s as striking as it is appealing in both a "holy shit this rocks,” and "holy shit is this sexy” way. Best of both worlds on one little disc. (Independent)