News Round Up!

News Round Up!
Welcome to your weekly news round up.

Radiohead’s In Rainbows debuted via the net and Portishead was a little bothered by this nearly-free approach, Madonna is coming close to a unique record deal with concert giant Live Nation, Throwdown are advocating fans to steal their music, and Justice performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live with the help of some all-star friends.

Any conversation related to music, as of late, must have brought up the subject of the new, innovative release by Radiohead. So far In Rainbows has sold approximately 1.2 million copies and if people spent a dollar on one copy that’s damn good for an unsigned band. Consequently this agitated Portishead’s Geoff Barrow as he feels that giving music out for next to nothing is foolish because it wouldn’t work in other areas of business such as plumbing.

It’s not just Radiohead that are shaking things up this week and the Kabbalah queen Madonna is looking to sign a multi-faceted deal with super conglomerate concert promoter Live Nation. This deal will include three albums, concert tour promotion, selling her merch and licencing her name. Although she does still have one album left in her contract with Warner Music, Madonna would earn an estimated $120 million from the Live Nation deal.

Leave it to a hardcore straight edge band to defy the corporate music machine as Throwdown have invited their fans to grab their music for free. As a band that have sold well over 200,000 discs without seeing much money in return, they are now looking to their fans to help return the favour. Lead singer Dave Peters has extended the offer to fans of the band to get their music by whatever means necessary.

Justice’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week saw them put on a legendary performance. As part of their North American tour is support of †, the duo performed hit single "D.A.N.C.E.” with the aid of Stevie Wonder on the kit, Rick James on bass, Rod Stewart on keys, Michael Jackson on the mic, and Prince on guitar. Easily the most entertaining TV appearance this year or ever, really.