​Newfoundland Woman Just Wants to Meet Adele for a Cup of Tea After Third Cancelled Show

​Newfoundland Woman Just Wants to Meet Adele for a Cup of Tea After Third Cancelled Show
Despite planning trips to see Adele three separate times in three different cities, St. John's fan Lori Shortall has still yet to say "Hello" to the singer in person. The Newfoundland woman has bought concert tickets and travelled to Houston, Phoenix and now London — and each time the show has been cancelled.
Most recently, Adele cancelled her final two shows at Wembley Stadium in London — possibly her last shows ever — which were scheduled to take place on July 1 and 2. The singer cited damaged vocal cords as the reason for calling off the concerts.
It's a familiar feeling for Shortall, whose previous plans to see Adele perform live also went awry because of cancellations due to vocal strain. In 2011, Shortall ventured to Houston with her sister, but the tour was cut short. Last year, she tried her luck again, travelling to Phoenix with her husband — only to find out en route to the show that the show had once again been called off.
Tallying up expenses from all three failed attempts to see Adele, Shortall reckons she's spent thousands of dollars. "Between the jigs and the reels, plane tickets and tickets to see her, and hotels, Airbnbs and things like that, I've got to be approaching $9,000 to $10,000," she told CBC Radio's St. John's Morning Show.
A professional singer herself, Shortall understands all too well the dangers of damaging one's voice and doesn't blame her for cancelling the shows — she just laments the horribly unlucky timing of it all.
She's proposed a solution to the bad luck, though, petitioning Adele to make it up to her by joining her for a cup of tea.
"We're getting up there now, so I'm like cut a girl a break," she told CBC. "Five minutes of your time and a cup of tea, you don't even have to sing anything for me."
She's rallying support with a Facebook post, and has extended an invite to Adele to join her and her friends for tea at Harrods in London — though, as far as we know, Adele has yet to take Shortall up on the offer.
Read Shortall's full Facebook post below.

Here's hoping the whole ordeal is all "Water Under the Bridge" soon.