New York Restaurant Plots Beyoncé and Jay Z-themed Valentine's Dinner

New York Restaurant Plots Beyoncé and Jay Z-themed Valentine's Dinner
Just how crazy in love are you with your significant other? By that same token, how about the music of Beyoncé or Jay Z? If the answer to both is a big, resounding "very," you may want to consider booking a quick trip to New York this Valentine's Day for a romantic, Bey-and-Jay-themed dinner.

Brooklyn restaurant Brucie recently unveiled a pun-heavy take on their Italian menu, with a three-course meal containing several in-jokes pertaining to the pop music world's biggest power couple.

Beyoncé gets toasted with menu items like "I Am Pasta Fierce," saluting her I Am Sasha Fierce album with its jalapeño pappardelle, puttanesca and gold leaf, while the "Blow"-referencing "Pink Is the Flavor" is a grapefruit and seafood plate, and the veal option is simply dubbed "Breastiny's Child." Jay Z is honoured with the fishy "Reasonable Trout" and the "Oysters Rocafella."

Together, they're tributed with a short rib plate called "Drunk in Love," after their duet off Bey's self-titled LP, and the song is additionally saluted with a "Surf Board" plate comprising bone marrow, root vegetables and "bone broth bathtub." If that's too meaty, you could opt for "22 Days Vegan," a non-meat dish inspired by the pair's December dip into veganism.

You can see the full menu in all of its pun-slinging glory down below.


BLUE IVY – smoked blue potatoes, chiriboga blue, trout roe, watercress 16

OYSTERS ROCAFELLA – copa, mustard greens, pernod aioli 16

SURF BOARD – deviled bone marrow, root vegetables, bone broth bathtub 17

PINK IS THE FLAVOR – scallop, monkfish torchon, grapefruit, beet, breakfast radish 16

22 DAYS VEGAN – cauliflower, pistachio, golden raisin, cocoa nibs 12


JAY-ZITI – "carter" clothbound cheddar, speck, sweet potato, sage pistu 19

HALO – angel hair, truffle, burnt angel food cake "breadcrumbs" 24

I AM PASTA FIERCE – jalapeno pappardelle, puttanesca, gold leaf 24

PUT A RING ON IT – anelli, calamari, broccoli, saffron 20


BUGA-BOUILLABAISSE – house blood sausage, lobster, clams, squid ink aioli 3

REASONABLE TROUT – blood orange, caper, chicken liver butter, hazelnut 28

DRUNK IN LOVE – negroni short rib, beef heart salad, farro gremolata 30

BREASTINY'S CHILD – veal breast braciole, pickled fig, sopresatta, goat yogurt 29

CHEESE – chedda 9


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