New Sweet Breath Acceleration and Distortion

New Sweet Breath’s fourth release barely reaches beyond radio-friendly pop rock. There is nothing in the way of innovation that distinguishes this music from countless other bands. The six-song disk is supposed to be a prelude to a full-length effort that is due out soon. Although the band’s musical competence is evident in a few melodic guitar driven tunes, there is really no spark of creativity that warrants repeat listening. Everything seems to be on the same even keel, with no emotional peaks or valleys to get excited about. Songwriter Graig Markel exhibits promise here and there, but for the most part is swimming in calm and tested waters. Perhaps the best part of the album is the subdued keyboard sounds that add a bit of texture to the otherwise lifeless tunes. New Sweet Breath’s sound is neither new, nor sweet, and pretty much the opposite of a breath of fresh air. (Mag Wheel)