New Radiant Storm King Singular- No Article

Northampton, MA's New Radiant Storm King have remained in obscurity for much of their career, which has spanned most of the last decade. The group's members have appeared as collaborators with the Silver Jews and the Pernice Brothers among others, and it's nice to see them able to take time out for their own worthy project. Singular- No Article is a great record that stands above most of the softer indie-pop of late. While many of these groups (perhaps spawn of the Belle & Sebastian craze) get caught up in magnifying their own pretentious existences, NRSK know when to shine the light away from themselves and rock out. And the album does rock out in places - most enjoyably on the opening "The Correct Liar." Singular- No Article will hopefully lift this band out of obscurity as some attention for their work is well-deserved. (Poster Girl)