New Pink Mountaintops Album Out in May

New Pink Mountaintops Album Out in May
Black Mountain's head musical beardo Stephen McBean is once again trading black for pink, and announced that his mellower, less full-on Pink Mountaintops will release their third album. Dubbed Outside Love, the full-length is due to drop May 5 and will come courtesy of Canadian-friendly imprint Jagjaguwar.

As previously reported, McBean has been recording the album at Vancouver's Hive studio off and on during the last year, with his usual go-to sound guy Colin Stewart at the boards. And as usual, a bunch of McBean's musical cohorts make an appearance on the record, including Black Mountain members Amber Webber, Matthew Camirand and Joshua Wells, as well as Jesse Sykes and A Silver Mt. Zion's Sophie Trudeau.

There's still no word, however, on when we can expect Wells and Webber's new Lightning Dust LP, which the couple have been busy recording in recent months, or if Black Mountain's synth maestro Jeremy Schmidt will put his new Sinoia Caves tracks to tape. Still, one out of three isn't bad.

Here are the tracks included on Pink Mountaintops' Outside Love:

1. "Axis: Thrones of Love"
2. "Execution"
3. "While You Were Dreaming"
4. "Vampire"
5. "Holiday"
6. "Come Down"
7. "Outside Love"
8. "And I Thank You"
9. "The Gayest of Sunbeams"
10. "Closer to Heaven"

Pink Mountaintops "Atmosphere"