New Party Systems "We Are"

New Party Systems 'We Are'
Last month we learned that a new, then unnnamed supergroup including TV on the Radio's Kyp Malone, ex-Liturgy drummer Greg Fox and percussionist extraordinaire Kid Millions were about to hit the studio to record some Occupy-themed material. Well, they're now going by the name New Party Systems and they've just delivered their first single, "We Are."

The song strays from the heady sonic layering and the arty black metal blasts of the members' other bands, favouring an almost psychedelic, Summer of Love-style anthem. Reasonably clean-driven guitars rule the coop, but the spacey choir that delivers the message of "We Are" (as in "We are the 99 per cent") is delivered as if derived from the dawning of the age of Aquarius. "Equality and justice so the masses can breathe free again / The workers and the players have to take this world and turn it all around," Malone sings on the cut shortly after crying out for us to grab the keys of the kingdom from the fat cats.

Fittingly, instead of showcasing the star-studded line-up, the video features Occupy protesters spread far and wide, from New York to Tel Aviv to Montreal, lip-synching the collective's uplifting number. Check it out below.

New Party Systems have yet to announce a release date for their impending debut disc.