New Order's Beginnings Chronicled in New Photo Book

New Order's Beginnings Chronicled in New Photo Book
New Order ignited beef with former bassist and band co-founder Peter Hook earlier this year when the band announced they'd be reforming without him, but a new book is poised to show fans that the English act were once quite united. Author Dec Hickey has just compiled From Heaven to Heaven: New Order Live - The Early Years (1981-1984) at Close Quarters, which, as its title suggests, chronicles his life on the road with the band in the early '80s.

In the tome, Hickey shares over 400 unpublished shots of New Order, 200 images of memorabilia and candid reflections of each show he attended. Also included is an intro written by Moby and forewords from Hook and drummer Stephen Morris.

Of the project, Hook exclaimed in a statement, "It truly is surreal! So weird to hear the diary details, the details of the tapes, the details of the gigs, hear the things we said and did all those years ago!... So much I'd completely forgotten. I'm completely engrossed. It brings back a lot of feelings I didn't expect -- of kinship, a shared experience, us against the world!"

Armed with a tape recorder and a camera, Hickey spent those early days as a "fly-on-the-wall," with From Heaven to Heaven acting as his account of "the best band on the planet."

"Hopefully the book brings a warm, 'knowing' smile or even the odd laugh and might fill in some little bits of the youthful lives of those who, in keeping with the time, we'll hereon refer to individually as Barney, Gillian, Hooky and Steve," Hickey said in a statement. "As New Order, on a great night they were so far ahead of the rest it was breathtaking."

A proper release date has yet to be determined, but From Heaven to Heaven is expected to drop in January. You can pre-order ithere. You might want to act fast, though, as the first 750 pre-orders will also receive an authentic ticket stub from a 1984 New Order gig at the Leicester Palais and be entered into a draw to win one of three exclusive prints from Hickey's collection.

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