New Order to Re-Record "World in Motion" for 2010 World Cup?

New Order to Re-Record 'World in Motion' for 2010 World Cup?
While Peter Hook seems to be making more enemies than friends lately, the former New Order bassist has revealed that the band might reunite to re-record a new version of their classic 1990 track "World In Motion."

In an interview with TalkSport [via The Quietus, Hook said the band were approached to redo the track for the 2010 World Cup. The song, which was originally released for England's 1990 World Cup run, featured a number of players from the English team. Similarly, the new track will feature some cameos as well.

"We've just been offered [Liverpool soccer star] John Barnes to redo the rap for next year," Hook said. "We've been offered the official World Cup anthem nearly every time. Tony Wilson lined up [David] Beckham to do the rap and we were going to redo the song. But the [Football Association] then reconsidered it... I would have loved to have heard Beckham do a rap and he was up for it. But this time on the table is John Barnes redoing the rap."

While the track hasn't been confirmed, let's just thank the FA that they saved us from having to endure David Beckham's attempt at rapping.