New Order Sign to Mute for New Album

New Order Sign to Mute for New Album
Synth-pop icons New Order have had a tumultuous couple of years that have seen breakups, reunions and lingering bitterness about the whole thing, but the band are charging forward. The Manchester group have just announced a label change, signing with Mute for their next release.

Mute's Daniel Miller released a statement about the deal, which reads:

This is an exciting new chapter for both Mute and New Order and I feel privileged to be working with artists with such a long, creative and successful history. When the possibility of us working together first came up, I was invited to hear some of the new material and immediately had no doubts whatsoever that Mute would be the right home for New Order. We've already had a number of creative conversations, and I am looking towards an exciting future.

The band seems equally pleased with the arrangement, issuing the following response:

New Order are delighted to be signing to Mute. We couldn't imagine a better place to be than working with Daniel Miller and his team. Mute has a superb roster of artists and a history that complements our own. In many ways joining the label feels like we are coming home, returning to our independent roots.

While details on an upcoming album are scarce, New Order showed off new material during their Vancouver show earlier this summer.