The New Odds Cheerleader

Featuring 75 percent of the final line-up of the Odds, the New Odds aren’t nearly as new as they’d like everyone to think. And maybe that isn’t a huge problem because there was a time when the Vancouver band were stalwarts of the Canadian rock scene. Just as they will always be connected to their past hits, Cheerleader contains a new albatross for the band: "My Happy Place.” That song is better known as the theme to Corner Gas and they will have to play it endlessly until they decide to call it a day again. But it’s typical of the rest of the songs, so there shouldn’t be any shocks for anyone who just can’t enough of that tune. As an album, Cheerleader is just pop by numbers and with a slightly dated sound, the band haven’t quite given up on living in the past. Perhaps the New Odds’ best bet might be to revert to their old name just to make sure there is absolutely no confusion for their former audience. (Pheromone/Universal)