New Model Army Today Is A Good Day

To be perfectly honest, I had no idea that New Model Army were still together after all these years. I assumed that they had reformed under the wave of nostalgia that has led to almost every band from the '80s getting back together and touring so they can squeeze every last drop of that one song that put them in the spotlight in the first place. But, no, New Model Army have never gone away and have kept doing what they did since debut Vengeance appeared back in 1984. Today Is A Good Day, their 11th studio album, proves that they haven't compromised any of their ideals during the past 25 years. The album's artwork isn't a million miles away from those early records and there's still the tacit anger and passion that singer Justin Sullivan has always brought to his songs. This time around, however, the guitars are a little bit heavier and the lyrics a little more inconsequential. At this point, the band are merely preaching to the choir, but at least they aren't merely coasting along on prior glories. There is enough effort put into Today Is A Good Day to pull in a few new listeners, even if it isn't anything more than a pretty solid effort. (Attack Attack)