New Mexican Disaster Squad/Western Addiction New Mexican Disaster Squad/Western Addiction

Besides the brilliant artwork, this 8-song split has some great music to offer, too. New Mexican Disaster Squad kick out three great dirty punk rock jams, as well as a cover of Bad Brains’ "F.V.K.,” a very cool sounding take on a very cool sounding song. The band’s strength lies in their ability to be furiously energetic but technically proficient enough that they still sound like they give a shit, and they bring that in spades on every one of their tracks here. Western Addiction are more of a straight-ahead, balls-to-the-wall, ’80s DC kind of band, and their three originals, plus a Naked Raygun cover, offer a perfect compliment to slightly more controlled chaos of New Mexican Disaster Squad. Representing two sides of a somewhat violent and dirt-stained coin, both bands offer up equally good and equally rocking contributions. (No Idea)