New Mexican Disaster Squad Peace With Nothing

Three fantastic originals and two killer covers make up this digital EP, which should be finding its way onto vinyl grooves by the end of October. "No Protection,” "Peace With Nothing” and "Abandoned,” despite being relegated to a non-album release, may be some of the best songs ever produced by these ’80s hardcore throwback heavyweights, showing off the band’s love of Dag Nasty more clearly than anything they’ve released in the past. The first track is a vicious slice of melodic hardcore that gets to the point in under a minute, packing enough lyrical and musical punch into 58 seconds that no extraneous verses are necessary. "Peace With Nothing” comes in at a more moderate speed, showcasing the band’s ability to craft dynamic hardcore that rocks like Black Flag with vocal harmonies. The final original track is a compelling mix of both elements of the band’s sound, a visceral slice of driving guitars and a distinct melodic approach. Rounded out by covers of 7 Seconds’ "Here’s Your Warning” and Government Issue’s "Understand,” this is one brief release that’s worth plunking down a few digital bucks for. (Jade Tree)