New Mexican Disaster Squad Don't Believe

These guys love Back Flag. And that’s cool, because Black Flag were a great band. Combining their love for ’80s hardcore luminaries, which also appear to include Dag Nasty and late-era Minor Threat, Don’t Believe comes out sounding a little like Kid Dynamite with the vocals turned down and the grit turned up. With their third full-length, the band have kept up their artistic side as well, including some truly beautiful artwork to compliment their lyrical messages; awash in images of capitalism’s failures, America’s oil obsession and religious zealousness. Taking a long, hard look at consumerist culture and the messages of mass media, songs like "Get the Bullet Out” and "Cast No Shadows” hammer home a strong message backed by equally strong musicianship. Melodically, the band blend the odd hook with balls-to-the-wall yelling, making for a driving but catchy sound that keeps thing interesting right up until the last note of the final track. (Jade Tree)