New Lindstrøm LP Set For August 18

New Lindstrøm LP Set For August 18
If you’re anything like us, you spent last Monday scratching your head, going, "Now, where the hell is that new Lindstrøm album that was supposed to come out today?” Well, scratch your head no more — the record’s been pushed back. If it’s any small consolation, however, the record now has a title, Where You Go I Go Too, a tracklisting and a new, hopefully more solid release date of August 18 through the double team of Smalltown Supersound/Feedelity.

Now, about that tracklisting, it appears that Lindstrøm’s follow-up to 2006’s much-loved cosmic disco trip-out, It’s a Feedelity Affair, will only be holding three tracks, ranging from a good ten minutes to 28-plus. However, as Lindstrøm told Pitchfork, the new record is "the opposite of minimalism.”

"It might be a challenge for some people to listen to it from start to end,” he added. "It's perfect for a long walk with headphones, or when travelling by train or aeroplane." What? No good for the bus, Lindstrøm?

Here is the Where You Go I Go Too tracklisting in its full three-song glory:

1 Where You Go I Go Too
2 Grand Ideas
3 The Long Way Home