New J Dilla Compilation Announced

New J Dilla Compilation Announced
Like ODB and Tupac before him, legendary hip-hop producer J Dilla was a hard worker whose intense output ensured numerous posthumous releases since his untimely death three years ago. Besides his forward-thinking independent work, Dilla brought his weirdo beats to the mainstream for some now-classic works.

On March 31, Rapster Records will release a compilation of some of Dilla's best work for other artists. Titled Dillanthology, Volume 1, the record will include classic Dilla tracks for the Pharcyde, Common, De La Soul, Erykah Badu and others.

Dillanthology, Volume 1 track listing:
1. The Pharcyde "Runnin'"
2. Slum Village "Fall in Love"
3. Common "The Light"
4. Erykah Badu "Didn't Cha Know"
5. De La Soul "Stakes Is High"
6. Busta Rhymes "Show Me What You Got"
7. The Roots "Dynamite"
8. A.G. ft. Aloe Blacc "Hip Hop Quotable"
9. The Pharcyde "Drop"
10. Amp Fiddler "I Believe in You"
11. Steve Spacek "Dollar"

The Pharcyde "Drop"