New Idea Society New Idea Society

Two gifted musical leaders embark upon rediscovering the glory of lo-fi sounding indie rock with this four-track EP. Mike Law, of the DC-inspired whirlwind known as Eulcid, and Stephen Brodsky, from hardcore metal leaders turned art-rock saviours Cave In, join forces to form New Idea Society. "Don't Die On The Dancefloor (Then Walk Away)" kicks a vaguely Cave In (circa Jupiter) bent with flanged cymbals, indie rock distortion and structure, dual vocals and sweetly sung choruses. "Alibi on the Menu, Weakness on the Menu" embarks upon a new wave keyboard-driven pop ride reminiscent of the Rentals (speaking of which, whatever happened to?), complete with warm keyboard melodies, the omnipresent dual vocals and sweet choruses, coming to an abrupt halt after hooking the listener. While "What It Is Like To Be Made of Red Clay" and "Don't Leave Your Room (Return To Zero)" are acoustic numbers, the latter being a straightforward singer-songwriter endeavour of longing and isolation, and the former a more winding, stripped down number, both effective but half-formed in nature. New Idea Society demonstrates different facets and abilities of Law and Brodsky, which might come as a shock to ardent fans of either Eulcid or Cave In, and is a curious but interesting release. Given more time to realise their potential, the duo could quite possibly herald slack rock into the underground. (Undecided)