New Horizzzons

Trial By Fire

New HorizzzonsTrial By Fire
Don't let the new age-y package of incense that houses this EP's download card fool you: New Horizzzons are a psych-rock band through and through, and a gleefully amateurish one at that. In fact, if it weren't for its members' pedigree, the group would probably be dismissed as a goof. Former Canned Hamm member Robert Dayton sings, the Leather Uppers' Craig Daniels plays drums and guitar and cartoonist Michael Comeau rounds out the trio on bass and drum-sharing duty. Songs like "Building our Brand" give a good indication of the kind of prankster-ish culture jamming at work here.

But bands don't get by on clever alone, and that's where the four-track Trial By Fire EP falls flat; the title track is little more than a minute-long introduction. More indicative of where the band might be headed musically is seven-minute jam "Conviction," complete with off-key falsetto and off-time drums. While it lays the groundwork for future success, one gets the sense that this EP barely scratches the surface of what New Horizzzons are capable of. (Independent)
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