New Grenada Modern Problems

New Grenada pump out succinct little ditties that are eerily similar to just about any mid-’90s indie rock band that you can think of. But so what if these kids aren’t heralding the next new thing? Modern Problems still rocks out in its own fun, pop addled way. The ’90s nostalgia can be considered an added bonus, like a prize in the bottom of a cereal box. Recorded by Steve Albini, this is the third full-length for this Detroit four-piece, and there are some moments, however, when this album picks up on some new momentum that seems to come from a completely different direction. "Chumps” takes on a strange identity and recalls the bizarro approach of Devo but doesn’t get quite so over the top. "You Said It” has bassist Nicole Allie take over lead vocal duty; the song is comprised of Allie speaking more than singing, and it gets so angry and bitchy that it’s just awesome. (Contraphonic)